The 10 Best Restaurants in Northern Virginia: A Food Critic's Guide

Discover 10 best restaurants in Northern Virginia according to food critics! From Patowmack Farm's progressive nine-course menu to Ology's Sunday dinner featuring hamachi to yellowfin fish dishes; from Divan's mahechay braised leg of lamb to The Study's smoked raw

The 10 Best Restaurants in Northern Virginia: A Food Critic's Guide

From classic Italian cuisine to farm-fresh dishes, these are the best places to dine in Northern Virginia, according to our food critics. Our experts have named the 10 best places to eat in the area, considering food, service, and ambience. Patowmack Farm is a must-visit for anyone looking for a unique dining experience. The hot dough crumbles and crumbles in the form of butter, with the help of the addition of soft, salty maple butter and homemade strawberry preserves.

The progressive nine-course menu has long stood out at this farm and restaurant, and chef Vincent Badiee has improved it even more over the past two years.Ology is another great option for those seeking a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. This informal Sunday dinner replaced the restaurant's popular brunch. There is a certain joy in watching fish swim by while you eat their siblings. Not that the koi in the pond in front of 2941 need to worry.

From hamachi to yellowfin, chef Bertrand Chemel uses only the best fish for his impressive tasting menus. In the usual menu, succulent brisket is another appetizing composition, enhanced with a pineapple chutney, smoked black beans, avocado and tender caramelized bananas. The adorable blue cornmeal arepas shaped like a shell add an earthy note.For dessert, try the guava coating that adds balance to a super creamy tres leches. Next to the table appears a glorious basket of barbaric fresh Iranian bread with butter, honey and olive tapenade.

Be careful not to eat three baskets of bread, which would be easy to do. It will be worth the wait.Carnivores should dive into mahechay at Divan. This braised leg of lamb is simmered by experts in their own juices with saffron, turmeric, tomato, garlic and lemon. There is no need for knives; the lamb, tender and beautiful, comes off the bone.The Study is another great option for those looking for an authentic culinary experience.

Dry ice is usually a cheap trick, literally just expelling smoke. Costa Rican-born chef Tomás Chavarría shows that his culture is alive and well in The Study. The menu is based on old techniques, and smoke is a central element. A raw hamachi wrapped in tendrils of that material arrives.Although it transports diners to an old fireplace, the dish, which combines fish with passion fruit mayonnaise, limes and avocado, is uncomplicated and modern.

So is Steak and Onions, an exclusive dish that plays with a common Central American meal of low-quality steak sautéed with chopped onions. Here, it is enhanced with a tenderloin aged for 60 days, served over a pool of creamy candied onions. Best of all, Chavarría creates a strong juice with Lizano, Costa Rica's favorite prepared sauce.Krapfen are crispy and fluffy Austrian donuts with the center at Trummer's Restaurant & Bar. They are served over puddles of cheesecakes with unbaked white chocolate and blueberry jam with fresh fruit.

With every bite at the renovated Trummer's, contemporary Europe feels a little closer.The tender bites of octopus and crunchy potatoes are combined with a velvety scallion tahini sauce, with dried fruits and spicy olives and pickled peppers give the dish another layer of flavor. This is an appetizer worthy of being the center of the plate.Salad bowls such as one filled with farro, seasonal vegetables and Parmesan cheese all together with a roasted garlic vinaigrette could be used to prepare a meal at Maple Ave Restaurant. Katherine Thompson's desserts are a fundamental reason to book here. Its olive oil cake mixed with Madeira is considered the benchmark of the genre.A delicious fresh cream mousse and a honey and raisin compote enhance the crumb of the cake that melts in your mouth.

Hot fruit desserts such as seasonal pastries and pies are comforting, spicy, and absolutely winning.At The Inn at Little Washington you can enjoy four-course tasting menu includes two options for each round. Seafood lovers immerse themselves in Portuguese stew - a rich cioppino-like dish full of meaty mussels, clams, tasty sausage potatoes and market fish in an elixir with fennel. A huge slice of grilled sourdough absorbs excess broth while Be sure to make reservations at William Morris' award-winning modern American menu restaurant as food lovers flock here to sample his dishes. Finally there's Read more With a huge salad bar and an ever-changing variety of good hot pizzas this is a great place to have a late dinner on Friday or Saturday.Northern Virginia restaurants offer creative options for indoor and outdoor dining experiences that will tantalize your taste buds! From Patowmack Farm's progressive nine-course menu to Ology's Sunday dinner featuring hamachi to yellowfin fish dishes; from Divan's mahechay braised leg of lamb to The Study's smoked raw hamachi; from Trummer's Krapfen Austrian donuts to Maple Ave Restaurant's farro salad bowl; from The Inn at Little Washington's Portuguese stew to William Morris' modern American menu; there are plenty of delicious options available for diners looking for something special in Northern Virginia.

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